Why do I need property management software?

If you own more than a few properties, tasks involved in property management can take a great deal of time. When the work becomes too much to handle, you have two options:

  1. Hire someone to do your property management or
  2. Purchase property management software.

Hiring a property manager can be done, but can be expensive. Not only will you be giving him or her your money, you must also 'manage the property manager,' adding another layer of complexity.

On the other hand, using property management software will save money. It will save the money that would have gone to your manager, and will save time by allowing you to do your property management tasks that used to take hours in the property management software; requiring only minutes.

Features & Benefits of Property Management Software

Property Management Software Reviews

Buildium Property Management Software

1. Buildium Property Management Software

Buildium helps you perform your property management duties more easily and with better results. This online property management software instantly improves your bottom line for a low monthly fee that fits your budget — no more costly or complicated property management software to install. Mac or PC.

Vendor website: Buildium Property Management Software

Property Center

2. Manage your real estate information from anywhere. Whether at home, in the office, or on the road, Property Center allows you to be up-to-date with everything related to your rental properties. No Special software required - a web browser is all you need! The user interface is intended to be straightforward, with little to no learning curve. Property Center was designed to be a useful tool for everyday operation. It was designed by landlords, for landlords and their employees.

LandlordMax Property Management Software

3. LandlordMax is one of the easiest to use property management software packages in the industry; famous for its simplicity, ease of use, completeness, and scalability. The latest version of LandlordMax continues to deliver on quality and performance. LandlordMax also leads in the affordability category; offering unlimited data entry for a lower price than some packages charge for just a few properties.

Spectra Property Management Software

4. Since 1983 Spectra Property Management Software has helped thousands of property management professionals achieve their growth objectives, become more competitive and increase their productivity and profits. Our property management software solutions are suited to all types of portfolios.

Rent Manager

5. Rent Manager is a Residential and Commercial Property Management Software solution designed specifically to help today's property management professionals work more efficiently and effectively through their property management software.

Rent Manager includes a completely integrated accounting system that works seamlessly within this powerful property management software system.

Rent Right

6. This popular Windows based software works as well for landlords with a few rental units as it does for management of extensive properties. RentRight offers pop-up reminders to remind you of late rent, expiring leases, and more. You get extensive reports categorized by building, unit, owner or tenant.

Software works for all types of rental properties from residential to commercial and association management.

Tenant Pro 7

7. Property Automation’s new Tenant Pro 7 property management software delivers all the tools you need in one fully integrated property management system. Tenant Pro 7 gives you the ability to efficiently maintain, access and distribute key information to improve property performance and increase owner returns.

Sage Timberline Office

8. Whether you're a property owner, developer or in property management some other way, you know the lease terms are all over the board, the spaces vary, and each of your tenants have a different business to run. The Sage Timberline Office real estate property management software offers improved communications, flexible lease management, and the ability to manage a wide variety of properties.

If you are in property management, you know that the only thing your tenants have in common is the building they are in. With Sage Timberline Office real estate property management software, everything's flexible. From escalations and recoveries, advanced retail functionality to setting trigger dates, and more.

VP Landlord Edition™

9. Property Management Software for REIT's, Owners, Landlords and Property Managers. It’s a difficult business you’re in, especially considering that the cost of property management continues to increase, while compensation for your efforts continues to decline. “Margins aren't what they used to be,” lament many—begging a “work smarter, not harder” solution. And try as you might to create efficiencies by imposing standardized leasing agreements, the end contract is going to contain a host of variances from the original.

Designed to meet the strategic requirements and demands of real estate property management and lease administration, Virtual Premise introduces The VP Landlord Edition™. Another in it's great line of world-class real estate property management software systems, delivering system-enabled capabilities that add up to immediate and measurable results.